Unleashing Smart Infrastructure Planning: integrating new technologies into urban development

CITIES International Conference is an annual international conference continually held by the Urban and Planning Regional Department of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS Surabaya). With its debut conference in 2005, CITIES was and has been designated as a vessel for researchers, academics, and practitioners to present, disseminate, and discuss research results and scientific analyses in urban and regional research areas. Through the dedicated endeavors of every party, CITIES, which was once national-scoped in its early years, has transformed into an international-scoped conference since 2013. Thus, the diversity of speakers and participants has expanded to a worldwide audience, be it from the Asian, European, Australian, or American Continent.


CITIES International Conference in 2023 will bring the theme “Unleashing Smart Infrastructure Planning: integrating new technologies into urban development”. Cities are centers of civilization, powerhouses of economic growth and innovation. However, urban planning faces challenges as cities transform into larger areas. One way to tackle this challenge is to embrace new technology trends that can help urban planners to help improve the quality of life in cities. Technology is becoming increasingly important in urban planning as a consequence of urban development and ongoing changes that need to be projected.